by Tape Eater

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released August 1, 2014


Tape Eater is: Andrew, Alexander, Michael and Joshua

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Clinton Lisboa at Soundbox Recording in New Bedford Massachusetts during the month of July 2014.

Cover Art by Joshua Lemaire and Amelia Ruvich.



all rights reserved


Tape Eater New Bedford, Massachusetts

We existed from 2013-2016.

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Track Name: Mistaken for Ghosts
Why sober up?
Everyone's your friend when you're wasted
But you're floating on your own in dead space
Life is indefinite so burn your schedule
Staring at the dirt, retinas burn

Ancient world where the ocean has no name
Buried in trash while its creatures decay
Black monolith cave dwellers haunt the day
Track Name: Dying to Give Our Lives Away
stars burn so hot
combat voids, black holes
time is not real
just in thought
everything all at once
ghosts move through walls
step from shells

giving our lives away
giving our lives away

radiation suits won't save us now
radiation suits won't save us now
Track Name: Fuzz Lung
the places where the ink becomes the line incidentally are the makings of space and time.
keep wanting things, keep having these cravings for useless things, constantly look around you're beside yourself
we lose control fading into peripherals that i can tie together with lies it takes a toll.
fuzz lung
Track Name: Beastteeth
Track Name: Snake in the Grass
your past is your future
hanging in a desert sky
one eyed beast intruder
begging you to let him in
you can show me your planet and tongues in which you speak
Track Name: Looking at You Looking at Me
collapsing under the weight of humanity
channeling the gravity
the problem with the space growing in your head is no one said you were innocent

looking at you looking at me

every action has an equal reaction
look in the mirror if you need to reflect
every action has an equal reaction
gravity steadily pulls me back in

too much magic, too much hazard

there is a time to reflect
just remember to forget
though we're quiet when we're dead
are we innocent?